1 donation * = 10% discount in store
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What's this ?

For several months, solidarity has been the watchword of 2020, especially for the holidays.

Take part in a solidarity project from November 20 to December 16, drop off a food item in our participating stores and in exchange, you will get a 10% discount in the store. Your donations will be used by the Petite-Patrie Community Resource and Action Center, which fights against waste and which will offer holiday baskets in December. It's a great way to support low-income people in the La Petite-Patrie neighborhood

What can I give?

You must bring non-perishable food to participating stores:

  • Tomato product (diced, in sauce, paste, coulis, etc.);

  • Canned vegetables and legumes;

  • Canned (tuna, ham, chicken, etc.);

  • Canned meals (stew, nourishing soup, etc.);

  • Nut butter;

  • Toothbrushes

  • Toothpaste

  • Hand soaps

We recommend that you buy these foods in our grocery stores: Sabor Latino, Conserva , Pineapple, and then give them to our participating merchants, where you will get a 10% discount in return. Thanks to this formula, everyone is a winner!

Where can I drop off my donations?

You must deposit donations from December 20 to December 16 at our participating merchants:

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  • Clothing stores

Beautiful and rebel
Vicky inc
Jaco Clothing Uomo


Feel Boutique

Sport urban style



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  • Specialty shops




Scream Dance Academy
Telos station
Galerie Décor Montreal ltd.

Sex-Cité Shop

At Rhox

The expedition

  • Restaurants / bars

Saming Sandwich

McDonald's Restaurant

La cale - zero waste advertising
Lana cafe

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  • Bridal Shops

My universe aya

Yes i wish

Les Chaussures Tania Inc

Nic-Nac Gifts

  • Luggage storage

Mira Luggage

Where will the donations go?

The Petite-Patrie resource and community action center is an organization that fights against poverty. Through its activities in food security and in the fight against waste, it contributes to improving the living conditions of members of its community and to the defense of fundamental human rights.

To get in touch with them: 514 277 4993 or

* The number of discounts is not equal to the number of food items given. The merchant assumes, as he wishes, the offer of the discounts.